Our Gallery

December 3rd 2019 at The Artists Co-op

Morag Budgeon presented…

“A New Venture in the Neighbourhood”

Georgian Bay Centre for the Arts



Then we enjoyed Brigit’s Pastry and Gift Shopping Time

 by Knitter Shawna Macivor

Shawna’s four year old granddaughter asked her, not too long ago, if she was knitting her a “little pink sweater” for Christmas. This inspired Shawna into action and here it is. Just lovely!! Shawna reports she is so RELIEVED to have it done in time to take to Toronto for the just-turned -five Christmas angel.

Healthy Lifestyle Group Members explored Harrison Park


In October this group explored Skinner’s Bluff

Healthy Lifestyle group walked at Inglis Falls

Our Festive December Gathering at the Artist Coop

New Members Welcomed in November 2019

Dr Alison Leonard told us about

Vikings:Raiders, Traders, Gamers and Artisans at our November meeting.


CFUW friends celebrate September Birthdays!

ART EXPLORERSGroup photo after hearing about the “Snowed In” Collection, curated by Joan Hawkesbridge.

Kim Skene, Tom Thomson Education and Engagement Department discussing “Saving Face” featuring air brush artists and local artist Billy Goodkat, and local student creations of goalie masks displayed on the surrounding walls.

Morag Budgeon, manager of Artists’ coop and director of the Art School next door, explains the inception of the art school idea, creating the space in the former Henrich building the spaces for jewellery, print, and pottery making, art student access, as well as classes held by artists.

Some Items from our Yarn Club Group

Grandson’s Sweater by K. Needham


Socks of Own Design

N. Didzballis Gray




Child’s Doggy Scarf by T. Searle



Neck Wrap from sock wool by S. Macivor

Neck Wrap by T. Searle

Ladies Scarf by L. Cumming

Celebrating “Everlasting Fire”.


CFUW friends visit Iceland.

Healthy Lifestyles visits Coffin Ridge Winery!

New members are welcomed November 2018.

Mary Northcott, Sydney Misener and Styn Furness

enjoyed the production.

Mryt Heirich, Janet Glasspool and Brenda Bergen enjoyed refreshments.

Director Pat O’Connor & Producer Judy Beth Armstrong!