CFUW Owen Sound Constitution 2016

Canadian Federation of University Women Owen Sound and Area


Revised 2/2/2016

Article 1 – NAME
The name of this organization shall be Canadian Federation of University Women/Owen Sound and Area, hereinafter called “the Club”.

Article 2 – PURPOSE

The purposes of the Club shall be:

  1. to support the purposes of the Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW)and Graduate Women International (GWI);
  2. to assist in developing a sound concept of educational and cultural values and in maintaining a high standard of education in the local community;
  3. to arouse and sustain among members an intelligent interest in public affairs and to encourage active participation in such affairs by qualified women; and
  4. to provide an opportunity for social contacts, for the friendly interchange of ideas and information and for concerted action at the local level in accordance with the aims of CFUW.



1.1 A woman is eligible for membership in a Club if she supports the purposes of CFUW and has:

a) Earned a degree, diploma or equivalent qualification from an institution of higher education; or
b) Been accepted for a masters or doctoral program at a recognized tertiary institution; or

c) Earned a professional designation or equivalent qualification that currently requires a degree, diploma or equivalent qualification.
d) Pursuant to CFUW National Bylaw C Item 7, a woman who does not meet criteria 1(a), 1(b) or 1(c) but supports the purposes of CFUW is also eligible for membership in a Club
e) A Student member is a woman who is a full-time student at an institution of higher education. Student members shall pay 50% of the CFUW per capita dues.
f) A member–at-large is a woman who qualifies for individual membership in a Club but is not a member of an existing Club. She shall be assessed CFUW dues. She shall be a member of the CFUW Member-at-Large Club.

g) A member in good standing may transfer to any other CFUW Club without paying additional national dues for that year.
h) A woman who is a member of more than one CFUW Club shall pay national dues to only one Club.
1.2 a) A Life membership in a Club may be conferred on a Club member who has given outstanding service to her Club. Such membership shall be conferred by the Club based on a recommendation made by the Club’s Executive and having been approved by a special motion at a Club Annual General Meeting. A life member shall have voting privileges and may hold office. The Club shall pay CFUW per capita dues on her behalf. A Life Membership is not transferable to another Club.
b) An Honorary membership in CFUW may be conferred on a woman who has made a significant contribution to CFUW or to the development of society in a manner consistent with the purposes of CFUW. Such membership shall be conferred based on a recommendation made by the CFUW Executive and approved by a special motion at a CFUW Annual General Meeting. Unless she is a member of a CFUW Club, she shall not have voting privileges or be able to hold office. She shall not be assessed CFUW dues.
By-Law 2 – DUES
2.1 Dues shall consist of two portions which shall include annually:
(a) The amount per person for affiliation with CFUW both Nationally and Provincially; and GWI as established from time to time by those bodies;
(b) The amount per person for local needs as recommended by the Executive Committee and approved at a regular meeting of the Club.
2.2 Dues are payable by October 31st.
2.3 Membership in Interest Groups shall be open only to members in good standing.
2.4 Any circumstance arising with regard to dues which is not covered by the above conditions shall be handled by the Executive Committee and outlined in the Policy Manual.


Governing Body 

3.1  The Governing Body of the Club shall be an Executive Committee composed of the Officers of the Club.

3.2  The Officers shall be the:



Past President



3.3  The Executive Committee is composed of the above officers and the following Committee Chairs and Co-ordinators

Membership Chair

Program Chair

Newsletter Chair

Website Co-ordinator

Scholarship Co-ordinator

Archives Co-ordinator

Policy Co-ordinator 

      Job Descriptions for each of the Officers and Executive Committee members are available and are also listed in the Policy Manual.  Terms of Office are also outlined in the Policy Manual.

Any Officer may be assigned special duties from time to time by the Governing Body.

3.4 Signing officers shall be the following, any two of who may act:  the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer.

3.5 The Executive Committee is authorized to pay any bills for legitimate expenses of the Club between general meetings of the Club.  The Treasurer will provide an Income Statement to the Executive and to the Membership on a Quarterly basis.  


The fiscal year shall be from the first (1st) day of June to the thirty-first (31st) day of May.

 By-Law 5   MEETINGS
5.1 General meetings are normally to be held monthly starting in September, with a minimum of five meetings per year.
5.2 There shall be an Annual Meeting of the Club for elections and consideration of annual reports.
5.3 Executive Committee meetings are to be called at the discretion of the President, with a minimum of five meetings per year.
5.4 Special meetings may be called:
(a) by a motion passed at a regular meeting;
(b) by the decision of the Executive Committee or President, with adequate
time to advise the members;
(c) by a petition in writing, signed by not less than five (5) members, to the Executive Committee who must then call such a meeting within two weeks. At such a special meeting only the designate business shall be considered.
5.5 A simple majority of those present shall constitute passage of all motions.

6.1 A Nominating Committee of at least three members shall be named at a general meeting at least two months prior to the Annual Meeting. The President shall not serve on this committee. The Committee shall prepare, for consideration at the Annual Meeting, a list of qualified candidates for the Executive Committee positions, which shall be circulated one month prior to the Annual Meeting.
6.2 The Officers shall be elected at the Annual Meeting. After the Chair of the Nominating Committee has presented her report, the President shall call for further nominations from the floor. If the offices are not contested, the report of the Nominations Committee shall be accepted. Where an office is contested, the vote shall be by ballot.
Should the Nominating Committee fail to provide a candidate from the election, and there is not nomination from the floor, the newly elected Executive Committee shall appoint a member to fill the vacancy.
6.3 If an office becomes vacant during the Club year, the Executive Committee shall appoint a replacement.

6.4 The Officers shall take office at the close of the Annual Meeting.
7.1 In any instance not covered by these By-Laws, the rules and principles of parliamentary procedure as laid down in Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, shall prevail.
7.2 This Constitution and these By-Laws shall not contravene the CFUW Constitution and By-Laws.
8.1 The Articles of this Constitution and these By-Laws may be amended at any general meeting of the Club, by a two-thirds vote of the voting body present at such a meeting, provided that notice has been given to the members either at the previous general meeting or in writing at least two weeks prior to the amending meeting.
8.2 The Constitution and By-Laws shall be reviewed every two years by a Committee appointed by the Executive which shall report to the Executive.
9.1 The name “CFUW” shall not be used in speaking or writing on any matter contrary to established CFUW policy.
Where there is no established CFUW policy, the Club name may be used in speaking writing on matters of local concern provided these are in accordance with the aims of CFUW and not contrary to any policy adopted by CFUW or by the Provincial Council of the Province in which the Club is situated.
9.2 No individual or group within the Club may speak or write in the name of the Club without first receiving permission from the Executive.

10.1 In the event of the dissolution of the Club for any reason whatsoever, any funds remaining in the Club’s account(s) after payment of all debts and liabilities including current CFUW dues and Scholarship Fund donations, shall be transferred to the Community Foundation of Grey Bruce under the name of the Canadian Federation of University Women / Owen Sound and Area Club Scholarship Fund. The purpose of the fund is to annually provide, in perpetuity, post secondary academic scholarship to women graduating from Owen Sound and Area Secondary Schools and who have been accepted to a University or College.
2016 Constitution Committee: Loreen Cumming, Donna Elliott, Meran Farmer, Judy Thomson