Interest Groups

In pursuit of Enlightenment, Engagement and Energetic Living, our club has organized a variety of Interest Groups. Meetings are subject to change. Please consult the Monthly Newsletters or group co-ordinators for updates.

 Interest Groups

        Book Club: The Book Club meets monthly, on the 4th Monday, at 1:30 p.m. until approximately 3:30 p.m. At our June meeting we will select books for the coming year. The July and August meetings are an opportunity to share summer reading choices, with no particular selection. The December meeting is scheduled earlier in the month and the topic is to read a book about books/reading, and this will be followed by a Christmas party.

We rotate meetings at homes of our members who have enough space and generously offer to host. We read a variety of genres: fiction, non-fiction, historical fiction. biography, and memoir. Generally, the member who recommended the book will lead the discussion, but it is not essential. Meetings are relaxed, informative and all CFUW members are invited at any time. For more information, including a list of the current selected readings, please contact the group coordinator.

Contact: Ruth Knapp

            Art Explorers: Meets at variable dates and times. The focus is on the local public art gallery, Tom Thomson Art Gallery, as well as other local venues of interest. Attendees find education and inspiration in the sharing of information. Open to all members.

Please contact Eleanor or Myrt if you want to be on the mailing list to receive details of upcoming activities.

Contact: Eleanor Huff or Myrt Heinrich

Ellen Lewis’ Art Talk and Show and Tell, Tour, and Social Time May 28, 2019

Ellen told us about  her role in the development of the La Cloche Country Art School, which operated for 31 years. Here Ellen is explaining the felting process, her watercolour is in the background.

New chair Cynthia, our art expert consultant and out-going chair Eleanor, with Janet, Ellen, Myrt

Art table talk, Ann and Pat with artist Ellen

Art Explorers at the Tom with Barbara Sprague May 22, 2019

Artist Barbara Sprague discussing the transition of her wedding gown.

This dress panel sketch includes all females in the family from great grandmother to wee grandchild.

Eleanor expresses our appreciation to Barbara for sharing her creative journey using various art forms including designing a wedding cake.

David Huff, Acting Director of the Tom Thomson Art Gallery discussing his curated show – Planes, Trains, Airplanes, with all pieces presented from the Tom Thomson collection.
The show included local artists like Rolly Fenwick behind David and Internationally famed Burtynsky , black-framed large photog- journalistic pieces.

David discussed the economic and lifestyle pluses and environmental minuses of the transportation progress on our journey through art with him.

Art Explorers at the Tom Thomson Art Gallery April 2019

Katharine Lochnan and Louise Moore provided our group with a real insight into the process of curating an Art Exhibition.

“Kathy and Louise, you provided us with a wealth of information regarding your journeys in art, your paths crossing in Grey/Bruce, your curation of the coming exciting show, “Footprints in Time, Painting Around Georgian Bay”’ for a fall Tom Thomson fundraiser, and the related events. It was so interesting and memorable to take that personal trip with you. Thank you for sharing your expertise. We look forward to the Opening on October 4.”

CFUW Art Explorers with Katharine Lochnan, Senior Curator Emeritus, AGO Louise Moore, Artist, David Huff, acting Director, Tom Thomson Memorial Art Gallery, near painting by John Hartman.


Amber Harwood, Art Conservator explains the services her business provides.

Amber Harwood discusses conservation processes for silk piece and painted portrait.

March at the Tom Thomson Gallery with Dana Cowie

What an informative morning we had with Dana, sharing her passion for art from early childhood in Hamilton, through education in visual arts, living in BC and Japan, and eventually leading her to Owen Sound. She discussed her painterly style, somewhat reminiscent of Tom Thomson’s bold colourful strokes, thus fitting that Dana would present at The TOM for us. We made donations on entry for the use of the room, as this was a CFUW Art Explorers event. Happily, Dana joined us for lunch at Bishop’s Landing for more art discussion.
Dana’s pictures below show two large works in oil, the wintry one of a scene in Harrison Park and the summery one featuring Cornwall, England, Dana’s dream future journey.

Dana talking about her Winter Campfire at Harrison Park work and also her Cornwall on the Sea.

Games Group: Meets on the 1st Friday of the month at 1:30 PM. Formed in January 2015, the group brings together members who enjoy cards and /or board games with just a dash of competitive spirit. Held in members’ homes. All are welcome.

Contact: Lois Renner, Coordinator

Gardeners’ Group: This interest group will take a wee break…a pause…a hiatus. Meanwhile if anyone has an idea for another gardeners’ outing or topic let me know and we will send out the invitation and hope to reconvene. Let’s keep in touch.

Judy Beth Armstrong, Gardening Group Coordinator

Healthy Lifestyle Group: Meets 3rd Tuesday morning at 9:30 AM or 10 AM depending on the activity. An hour of physical activity (walking, snowshoeing) is usually followed by visit to a facility or a discussion session. Those who enjoy mild to moderate activity and learning new things about a Healthy Lifestyle are welcome.

Planning Healthy Lifestyle program at Sauble Beach!

First Healthy Lifestyle gathering at Coffin Ridge in September!

Fitness at Harmony Centre in November

December 18, 2018 in Harrison Park

Contact: Meran Farmer

Issues Group: All members are invited to join the Issues group, all the time or anytime. Contact the coordinator to receive a reminder e-mail. Please note that we have changed the date we meet. It is now on the last Wednesday of the month.

We gather at homes to discuss important and stimulating topics. Some discussions are just for interest but some could lead to advocacy action e.g.letter to an editor, a deputation to council or a Resolution to be presented to all clubs across Canada.

Contact: Ruth Henderson

Yarn Club aka Knitwits : Meets 2nd Wednesday of the month at 1:30. Thread and stories. ( Knitting, crochet, needlepoint, hand sewing, and story telling).

Contact: Shawna Macivor

A sweater for her granddaughter by Judy Mapleson

An outfit for a soon to be born granddaughter by Kathy Needham.

Child’s doggy scarf and Adult neck wrap by Trish Searle

Neckwrap from sock wool by Shawna Macivor